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How Can You Tell If You Are Working With A High Quality Demolition Contractor?

How Can You Know If A Demolition Contractor Is Worth Getting A Bid From?


Breinholt Contracting Sets the Standard.


Read through this information and you will know what to look for when comparing contractors on your next demolition project.  You will find out that none of the other can stack up to Breinholts' stability, reputation, professionalism, and safety standards.



You need to make sure that any contractor you do business with has proven themselves in the past, and will be there if you need them in the future.  Don't just ASK the contractor if they are stable; look for tangible proof of longevity and financial stability by asking for the items listed here.

What To Look For:

Company Tangibles

Make sure that any contractor you are working with has the equipment, capital, and personnel required to complete the project.  Look for management staff, accounting staff, supervisory staff, adequate labor, working capital, the right equipment, and the necessary experience that will be required to complete the project.


Also make sure they have a good history and a good working relationship with their banks, insurance agencies, bonding agencies, major vendors and equipment suppliers, the state corporation commission and the registrar of contractors.

The things to look for and ask about include:

     - What projects they are working on right now and what the dollar amount of the contracts are.

     - What projects they have contracted to start in the future and what the dollar amount of the contracts are.

     - How much equipment do they own or lease.

     - A letter of reference from their banking institution including if they have a line of credit.

     - A letter of reference from their insurance company or agent and an insurance certificate.

     - A letter of reference from their bonding company or agent.

     - Ask if they have opperated under different business names in the past, or if they have ever had their contractors license suspended or revoked for any reason.  Companies that have a trend of changing names, have bankruptcy's, and have trouble keeping a valid contractors license have those troubles for a reason.


The old advice of "ask for 3 references" is just too easy to fake.  You'll need to get a little tougher with your contractor to protect yourself.  Insist that any contractor you're considering can produce references that PROVE that their reputation is solid.  You can tell a great deal about a contractor based on what other experienced leaders in the industry are saying about them - particularly those who have had them manage a project.


Select List of Cusomer References:

"I do work with Breinholt Contracting almost on a weekly basis.  The level of service that they give to me is really unparalleled.  If I need a truck right now they'll get one to me.  If I need a building torn down in a hurry they'll do it for me.  If I need them to get me some paperwork right away they get it to me.  They are just excellent to work with and also to work for.  If I could control everything then I would choose to work with Breinholt Contracting on every job that I do."


Specialty Contractor (Phoenix AZ)

"Your crew came up here and cut these tanks up faster than I could even imagine.  I really appreciate your efforts and the great job you guys did."


Contractor (Flagstaff AZ)

"In our industry, everyone tends to over complicate things...Breinholt Contracting keeps it simple.  From estimating to completion of the project, everyone is fantastic to work with and you make our lives much easier.  The other great thing about Breinholt Contracting is that we always trust the costs provided to us and the costs are fair...we don't have to waste time qualifying numbers or soliciting mulitple bids."


Developer (Chandler AZ)

"I wouldn't use anybody else than Breinholt Contracting for my demolition work.  They have bailed me out of some tight spots and really pulled through for me when it mattered most.  I've also seen them get some pretty complicated looking demolition work done with no problems.  I have complete trust in their abilities and it makes my job easy."


Construction Manager (Scottsdale AZ)

"One of my big customers was in a huge bind the other week, and I called all of my regular subs to see if I could get some help to bail them out.  Nobody could help me.  I made a call to a resource of mine who referred me to Breinholt Contracting.  Even though their schedule was totally jammed up, they moved some things around and jumped through a lot of hoops to get this totally out of the ordinary deal dome for me.  It was pretty amazing how resourceful they were to keep trouble shooting and solving problems that came up due to everything being so last minute.  I will no doubt use Breinholt for all my demolition projects from this point on."


Specialty Contractor (Tempe AZ)

"Your crew did an excellent job demolishing my house and getting things done quickly for me.  But, they totally went above and beyond when my neighbors' irrigation started flooding everything due to some of the demolition work that had been done.  They built the nicest burm all the way down the property line without even being asked to keep my neighbors irrigation water contained.  That was really a nice thing to do.  Thank you."


Home Owner (Phoenix AZ)

"We've been working with Breinholt Contracting Inc. since we first heard of them in late 2010 and the wonderful services they provide.  Breinholt is now our premier military contractor and have helped us achieve continuous exceptional scores of our DOD contracts.  "Demolition means Breinholt".  They're the exception compared to the other demo contractors we have used in the past."


Military Contractor (Tucson AZ)

"This is the third demolition project I've used you guys on and as always, it is just a lot of fun and a great pleasure to work with you.  Your office is super helpful, and the guys that do the work are just terrific.  The demolition went so fast and the lot just looks so nice and smooth.  I'm so happy, but I'm sad that the project is over.  I can't wait for the next one!"


Residential Developer (Scottsdale AZ)

For an expanded list of reviews and customer feedback, please visit our Customer Reviews Page.


A good demolition contractor doesn't just do good work.  They also understand that when dealing with customers, it's oftentimes the little things that make a big difference. You should find a contractor that shows you respect by the way they treat you, the way they look, the way they treat your property, and how they pay attention to details.  Check any contractor you're considering against these standards of prefessionalism.


Call our office and notice that we are nice to talk to over the phone.  Notice also that we aren't a bunch of jerks, and that we speak in complete sentences and we are helpful too.

Meet with our estimators and notice that we are nice to talk to, are polite, will listen to what you need done with your project and we won't sell you a lot of unrealistic promises.

Get a bid or a proposal on your project from us and you will notice that it is layed our professionaly, it is easy to read, it is clear and detailed and includes all of the information that was discussed about the project.

Go to one of the jobs we are working on right now and notice that we take care of our equipment and that it all runs good.  Also notice that all of our workers are wearing hard hats, vests, glasses and boots - and that we are well organized and it looks like we know what we are doing.

Choose to do a demolition project with us and you will notice that we are proactive at providing you with information and necessary paperwork.  Notice that we are also still nice to you and that we will try hard to answer your questions and will tend to your job.  Notice also that we will communicate with you about your project, and that we will show up and do the work at the time we discussed.  Notice also that we don't talk like sailors, and that we are infact polite and respectful.  Notice that we stay down to business while we are working and we will complete the work in a very professional manner.



Trust Breinholt To Be Safe On The Jobsite

Demolition is an active and sometimes dangerous business becuase it requires heavy moving equipment and the removal of tons of materials.  Without the right training and equipment a worker can get into a potentially hazardous situation.

We require and demand that every worker is properly trained and follows proper guidelines.  We emphasize safety training far more than you typically will see of a demolition company, and our record proves that it is time well spent.


When It Comes To Safety, What Does Breinholt Do Differently?

We start every project with safety in mind.  We spend hours researching plans, holding training meetings, and developing a strategy that will be practical and effective.

Every worker must read and agree to the Company Safety Manual and Policies.

Companywide safety meeting every Monday morning.

Each project we develop a Site Specific Safety Plan.

Each day on each jobsite, we evaluate the work to be done that day and prepare a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), which takes a look at the hazards associated with a tak and discusses way to eliminate these hazards.

We conduct morning JSA reviews that pertain to the work being conducted each day at the jobsite.

Companywide monthly random drug testing.

Post-accident drug testing.

Pre-hire drug testing.

Worker Training Includes (but is not limited to) the following areas:



Lead Awareness


Aerial Lift

Fall Protection

Confined Space Entry





If you are still not convinced that Breinholt Contracting


Feel Free To Give Us A Call To Find Out More.

And Remember.....

Finding The Right Demolition Company Is More Than Just Getting Cheap Bids!



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