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Breinholt Contracting Customer Reviews

This is a growing list of customer reviews and testimonials.  Become a Breinholt Customer and your comments of our great service and abilities might show up here one day too. 

"I completely trust Breinholt Contracting to get the job done right and to get the job done quickly.  I don't ever call anybody else because there is no reason to.  I have complete confidence in their abilities and that they will get things done that I ask them to, and that is more important to me than trying to find the cheapest guy in town."

     Todd - Commercial Developer (Scottsdale, AZ)


"I do work with Breinholt Contracting almost on a weekly basis.  The level of service that they give to me is really unparalleled.  If I need a truck right now they'll get one to me.  If I need a building torn down in a hurry they'll do it for me.  If I need them to get me some paperwork right away they get it to me.  They are just excellent to work with and also to work for.  If I could control everything then I would choose to work with Breinholt Contracting on every job that I do."

      Jeff - Specialty Contractor (Phoenix, AZ)


"Your crew came up here and cut these tanks up faster than I could even imagine.  I really appreciate your efforts and the great job you guys did."

     Kevin - Contractor (Flagstaff, AZ)


"In our industry, everyone tends to over complicate things...Breinholt Contracting keeps it simple.  From estimating to completion of the project, everyone is fantastic to work with and you make our lives much easier.  The other great thing about Breinholt Contracting is that we always trust the costs provided to us and the costs are fair...we don't have to waste time qualifying numbers or soliciting multiple bids."

     Pete - Developer (Chandler, AZ)


"I wouldn't use anybody else than Breinholt Contracting for my demolition work.  They have bailed me out of some tight spots and really pulled through for me when it mattered most.  I've also seen them get some pretty complicated looking demolition work done with no problems.  I have complete trust in their abilities and it makes my job easy."

     Brent - Construction Manager (Phoenix, AZ)


"One of my big customers was in a huge bind the other week, and I called all of my regular subs to see if I could get some help to bail them out.  Nobody could help.  I made a call to a resource of mine who referred me to Breinholt Contracting.  Even though their schedule was totally jammed up, they moved some things around and jumped through a lot of hoops to get this totally out of the ordinary deal done for me.  It was pretty amazing how resourceful they were to keep trouble shooting and solving problems that came up due to everything being so last minute.  I will no doubt use Breinholt for all my demolition projects from this point on."

    Chris - Specialty Contractor (Tempe, AZ)


"Your crew did an excellent job demolishing my house and getting things done quickly for me.  But, they totally went above and beyond when my neighbors' irrigation started flooding everything due to some of the demolition work that had been done.  They built the nicest burm all the way down the property line without even being asked to keep my neighbors irrigation water contained.  That was a really nice thing to do.  Thank you."

     Tommy - Homeowner (Phoenix, AZ)


"We've been working with Breinholt Contracting Inc. since we first heard of them in late 2010 and the wonderful services they provide.  Breinholt is now our premier military contractor and have helped us achieve continuous exceptional scores of our DOD contracts.  "Demolition means Breinholt".  They are the exception compared to the other demo contractors we have used in the past."

     James - Military Contractor (Tucson, AZ)


"This is the third demolition project I've used you guys on and as always, it is just a lot of fun and a great pleasure to work with you.  Your office is super helpful, and the guys that do the work are just terrific.  The demolition went so fast and the lot just looks so nice and smooth.  I'm so happy, but I'm sad that the project is over.  I can't wait for the next one!"

     Kip - Residential Developer (Scottsdale, AZ)


"The job wasn't too small for them, the communication was fantastic, and I like that they brought the proper equipment in to do the job swiftly.  They did what they said they would do and did it well.  Benson was great to work with."

     Gary - Contractor (Phoenix, AZ)


"I really enjoyed working with Breinholt.  I like the quick response time, consideration and valuable suggestions as we discussed the job at hand.  I did not see any room for improvements.  Everone was great."

     Cooper - Commercial Property Manager (Phoenix, AZ)


"You started the job when you said you would and you finished when you said you would.  The cost was fair and many within the company have told me that they would like to use Breinholt again."

     Lauren -  Construction Manager (Phoenix, AZ)


"Thanks for working on a tight schedule and working off a napkin sketch".

     Colby - General Contractor (Phoenix, AZ)


"You guys are true professionals.  Your crew did a real bang up job and it was a pleasure to work with you all.  Great Service.  Great employees.  On time.  Great job."

     Derek - Contractor (Gilbert, AZ)


"Breinholt has done work on both of our properties here in New Mexico and have done an excellent job."

     Richard - Industrial Manager (Silver City, NM)


"Thank you very much for the work completed on Monday.  Art and his guys as usual did everything perfectly and put our team / project ahead of the schedule.  You guys continue to make us look really good."

     John - Contractor (Scottsdale, AZ)


"Over the past 10 years I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with the people at Breinholt Contracting Co. on numerous projects.  These projects have included building demolitions, site clean-ups and the excavation, transportation and disposal of contaminated soils.  Without exception, the services provided by Breinholt Contracting, on each of these projects, have met or exceeded my expectations and the contract requirements.  All work was conducted in a competent and professional manner, and the work was started and completed as scheduled and for the price quoted.  Breinholt Contracting personnel have assisted in the development of project budgets and provide the required project documentation in a timely manner.  They understand and comply with the various state and local permitting requirements and are quite capable of preparing and submitting the permit applications within the time frame required by the project schedule.  As a consulting engineer, I am expected to recommend qualified contractors to my clients that will provide competent and professional services at a competitive price.  I have and will continue to recommend Breinholt Contracting Co. to my clients for projects involving any and all of the services they provide."

     Bob - Consulting Engineer (Scottsdale, AZ)


"The thing I like the most about working with Breinholt Contracting is the fact that no matter what happens there is always a responsible, thinking and willing individual on the other end of the phone.  When your company is on the job I know that I am dealing with people that have integrity.  You are quick to respond to any issues that arise and willing to take on any additional items and change orders during construction.  Even when I had asked for some changes to be made, the only face that anyone from your company showed was respectful and accommodating.  Even when the discussions weren't "fun" I did not get any negative feedback from anyone from the top down to the laborers in the field.  I appreciate that there is a willingness to get the job done even when it is not easy.  A good example is when the archaeologists finished and we needed Breinholt's help to keep the process moving you were right there.  Not only did you guys step up and help us with the unknowns we had encountered onsite but when we needed you, you found a way to make it happen the same day.  Despite the lack of communications that was a break down on our end!  That only happens when you have a committed contractor.  That fact alone is enough to make me willing to ask my team to make sure Breinholt gets future work.  Your dedication and willingness to work and make changes places your company above so many others.  With a smile on my face I would welcome Breinholt to any job I am working on!"

     Ryan - Contractor (Tempe, AZ)


"I find working with Breinholt a great experience in that all your staff is pleasant to work with, and very accommodating to our requests.  Work is done in a timely manner and your field personnel are great in communicating what's transpiring during the project.  Even if an unexpected situation surfaces, your crews will call me to allow me to make a site visit, or receive instructions as how best to proceed.

" Also, I like your post demolition site dressing as the lots are completely clear of all debris and leveled.  If, on a rare occasion something needs attention after completion of the demolition project, Breinholt Contracting responds quickly to resolve anything needing attention.  Your pricing for tasks in non-bid work is reasonable.  All in all it is simply a pleasure for us to work with Breinholt Contracting."

     Harry - Construction Manager (Phoenix, AZ)


"Breinholt Contracting has been an excellent subcontractor and teaming partner.  Their communication and commitment to quality and safety are outstanding."

     Joel - General Contractor (Tucson, AZ)


"Just the facts, our experience with Breinholt Contracting Co. was a real pleasure.  To be able to make a phone call and have all the responsible people show up on time, do what they say they are going to do, and for the right price is just priceless.  I will be using Breinholt in the near future for our next project."

     White Water LLC


"Everything went very smooth and was very quick in the field.  Time frame is usually quite a big deal on our end so that was a big plus in my mind.  You guys got in, got it done, and got out without any hassle.  I had mentioned to Jeremy after the demo was complete that I thought you guys did a great job and I would recommend you for some more of our projects.  Thanks!"

     Jared - Residential Contractor (Scottsdale)


"Benson, I was very happy with your entire company performance.  Project management was good, Supervision was good and field performance was good.  When we walked the site prior to bid, your company covered all work that was discussed.  We will invite Breinholt to bid on future demolition projects.  Thanks."

     Jim - Contractor (Phoenix, AZ)


"It was great to see you guys in and out of there quick, I didn't have to ask for the compaction reports and everyone I dealt with was very professional."

     Jeremy - Residential Contractor (Scottsdale, AZ)


"I want to relay to you how impressed we are with the work you guys did for us the other week.  The county inspector called us to compliment us and you on your professionalism.  The inspector said that they were impressed not only by the "phenomonal" job you did, but also on the professionalism of all of your staff.

"In addition, the neighbors have been calling the county and expressing their thanks for the clean up and to compliment our work. 

"Becuase of Breinholt, we are likely going to get a lot more work from the County."

     Kevin - Restoration Contractor (Mesa, AZ)








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