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Breinholt Contracting Company Inc.

Demolition Experts Since 1972!

Since our inception in 1972, we have literally completed Thousands of projects.  These projects range from completing simple things like the demolition of a driveway or a small house to an entire shopping mall or a large building at a copper mine.   We have worked all over the State of Arizona and New Mexico.  We work in residential, commercial, industrial, mining, civil, land development, highways, water and waste water treatment plants, airports, hospitals, military bases, University's and other educational type projects.  We really have just about experienced it all.

Here Is A Sample Of Some Recent Projects


Demolition of 3 Story Office Building, Phoenix AZ

Owner:  CVS Pharmacy


Description:  Full demolition of a 3 story office building located at Indian School Road and 7th Street in Phoenix AZ.  CVS projects are always fast paced so we raced to complete the job in a very narrow time frame.

Optima Sonoran Village Apartment Complex Demolition

Owner:  Optima Development Company


Description:  Full demolition of a 250,000 SF apartment complex including 2 and 3 story buildings, and including 3 swimming pools, parking lots and trees.  This project was located just west of Goldwater Blvd., on Camelback Rd in Scottsdale.  Optima Development purchased the property so that they could redevelop it into a mixed use property primarily for condominiums and also for some retail.  The new development is called Optima Sonoran Village.

Commercial and Residential Mixed Use Site Clear, Phoenix, AZ

Owner:  JLB Development


Description:  Demolition of 2 office buildings, a bank, 10 houses and a cul-de-sac along with other various site improvements such as parking lots, trees and other landscaping.  This demolition project is in preparation to re-develop the site into a multi-level condominium project located at 44th Street just south of Camelback Rd, in Phoenix.

Old Parking Garage Demolition at Sky Harbor Towers, Phoenix, AZ

Owner:  Arizona Department of Transportation


Description:  Demolition of a 2 level concrete parking garage, retaining walls, footings, and adjacent parking lot located along I-10 just west of State Hwy 143.  This project is for ADOT.  The newly cleared land will be used for the eventual expansion of I-10.  In this project we hauled out over 10,000 tons of concrete and asphalt.  All of these materials were taken to a recycling plant where the materials will be crushed back into aggregate and reused as building materials in new construction projects.

Demolition of 8 Military Buildings at Luke Air Force Base, Glendale AZ

Owner:  United States of America Air Force


Description:  Full demolition of various buildings at Luke Air Force Base.  Three buidings were either two or three story dormitory style buildings.  One building was a two story flight simulator and training building.  One buildings was a large warehouse building.  One building was an administravie building two stories tall plus a basement, and was located on the flight line.  Other buildings were general storage/office/warehouse style buildings.

Most of these buildings are part of the project to make way for the new F-35 jets.

Demolition of Air Traffic Control Tower @ Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix AZ

Owner:  FAA via Parsons TSSC III


Description:  Complete dismantle and demolition of the former Air Traffic Control Tower at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  Complications included security, traffic, pedestrians, utilities and proximity to other airport structures.  The tower was 190' tall and was made up of 4 concrete columns with a cab on the top.  At the bottom were two control buildings with a deep tunnel for all of the cabling and conduits and power and mechanical equipment. 

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