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The Breinholt Standard - Reputation

All contractors should pretty handily be able to produce three references to prove that they know what they are doing.  But is 3 enough?  What if those three references are from 10 years ago?  What if they are all relatives with different last names?  What if they are the only 3 jobs they have ever done?  Those things are hard to know.

This is what we recommend - get more than three references.  Get dozens, or maybe dozens of dozens.  If you have talked to dozens of people that have worked with your contractor, then you should be able to get a pretty good feel for the quality of contractor you are dealing with.  Here is how you can about that. 

#1 Get A Long List of Projects


When you are talking to your contractor that you want to hire, ask them for a list of all the jobs they have done over the past 3 to 5 years.  Get the whole list.  The contractor should not hesitate to produce this for you.  They should be able to print it off or scan it in and email it to you.


Make sure that the list has the dates of the job, the name of the job, the dollar amount of the job, the location of the job, and of course a name with a phone number or email address along with the name of the company that hired them.


Are you going to call all of the people off of the 5 year history?  No, you are not.  But if you can get that list, that is the first level of confidence you can get from the contractor knowing that they must feel good about their reputation.  If they hand over their list of 5 years worth of jobs, they know you might call any one of them.  If they have a lot of jobs that go badly for one reason or another, they might hesitate to produce the list, and they might take a real long time to give it over to you because they are hand picking all of their favorite jobs or something like that.


If you would like our list, please call us at 480.497.4295 and tell us that you are considering us for a job.  We'll have it faxed or emailed to you within a few minutes.

#2 What To Do With The List


Now that you have the list, what are you going to do with it?  Call as many as you would like to call, or have time to call until you run out of time.  When you call, these are the questions you should ask.


1. What was your overall satisfaction with the work done?

2. Do you feel like you got EXACTLY what you wanted?

3. Were there any problems, and if so, how were they handled?

4. Did you find that the contractor was available when you needed them?

5. If you had to do it all over again, would you hire them?


When you talk to a past customer and ask them these questions, you will get a pretty good feel for the contractors capabilities and if they are able to deliver on their word. 


Of course, every contractor has jobs that don't quite go the way they expected them to.  So when you come across one of these customers that had a "bad job", getting the information on how the contractor handled the situation will tell you a lot about their integrity, their honesty, and their ability to pull through in difficult situations.  If you find that the contractor ran away or hid when things were getting rough, then that is obviously a bad sign.  If you find that a lot of the people you called the jobs went bad, that is also obviously a bad sign! 


When you call to get the list from Breinholt Contracting, call as many customers as you would like.  You will find that probably 99% of them are happy, will think that the job went great, and would use us again for their next project.  So please call our customers and find out for yourself!


#3 Printed References and Reviews


Printed references and reviews are also good.  If a contractor has one or two customer quotes on their website or on a printed brochure, that might not be enough though.  I would think that just about every contractor in the world, even the worst ones, they all can produce a good quote or two.  So you should expect to see more - a lot more references!


Printed lists on websites are good.  The longer the list, the better it is.  Look to Google and Yahoo or other search engines and see if they have any online and public customer feedback.


At Breinholt Contracting, we have done a fair job of recently collecting customer feedback, reviews and quotes.  So, we have quite a few on our website and the list will be growing.  So check back from time to time to see all of the happy customers.


Click here to find our full but growning list.


You can also visit our Google+ page and other areas on the internet to see that we have some reviews and that they are good ones too! 




There are many pretty good demolition contractors around Arizona that you will be able to find do a fair job.  But there are also a lot of bad ones too!  How will you know the difference if you only go off of the one quote they have printed on the home page of their website? 


To find the best, do some deeper research.  Get a big list of all their customers and make some calls, ask some questions.  You will be able to distinguish the good from the bad pretty quickly.  Also look for other evidence on the internet to see if anybody is saying good things or bad things.


We've said it before -

Breinholt Contracting sets the STANDARD.  We have a rock solid reputation.  Call us and ask for our list of jobs and find out for yourself.  We have great customers and they love us!




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